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All-in-one WashBar Technology

From the leaders in all-in-one technology, comes the award-winning WashBar with clean + rinse + dry functionality housed in a single component. The WashBar creates an attractive, intuitive, completely touchless handwashing experience in a sleek and engaging design.

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Soap Icon


  • Touch-free activation
  • Low level LED indicator
  • Liquid or foam soap
  • Gallon soap capacity
Water Icon


  • Touch-free activation
  • 0.5 GPM (1.9 LPM)
  • 0.35 GPM (1.4 LPM) option available
Dryer Icon


  • Touch-free activation
  • Heated air stream dries hands quickly
    and efficiently
  • Adjustable speed for quieter
    hand drying
  • 96% less expensive than paper towels


The WashBar features Smart Technology

Completely touchless soap, water and dryer in one component creates a smart handwashing experience. The WashBar Technology was designed so that there are no false activations of a neighboring function. For example, the dryer will not activate while the water is running. Several WashBar settings can be changed in the field including the speed of the dryer and brightness of LEDs. It can also be put to "sleep" for cleaning purposes. Keeping water in the basin equals dry floors and money saved on cleaning costs.

WashBar Handwashing

Use in a variety of applications

This innovative solution for commercial washrooms is ADA compliant making it 
perfect for applications such as:

  • Aquariums and Museums
  • Financial Institutions
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Entertainment and Amusement Centers
  • Healthcare and Office Buildings
  • Restaurants and Retail Locations
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Easy Installation

Fast, straightforward installation is a Bradley staple, and installting the WashBar technology is no different.

  • Everything you need is in the box
  • The WashBar comes pre-assembled and installs just like a faucet
  • The valve, supply, and drain assembly are all included
  • A convenient harness keeps wires organized
  • The access panel can be installed or removed by a single person

Verge with WashBar

The Verge with WashBar provides a sophisticated cast-formed quartz basin with the all-in-one WashBar. The basins have been precision engineered to contain water and soap suds within the basin. No more water splashing on users or dripping across the floor. This is especially convenient for users with mobility issues, they can clean + wash + dry in one spot without moving away from the sink.

WashBar Brochure
Cost Savings Sell Sheet
BIM / Revit Files

OmniDeck with WashBar

OmniDeck with WashBar offers a customizable solid surface deck with the all-in-one WashBar. Customize the length of the deck, number of bowls, back splash, side aprons and more. Perfect for alcoves and renovations. Users will experience a unique handwashing experience while the water stays in the bowl. Not on the user or on the floor which can create an unsafe restroom experience.

  • The integral undermount basin is designed to minimze water and soap
    splash back
  • Available as a customizable one-piece continuous solid surface deck
  • Available in dozens of Terreon solid surface colors with matching sheet stock
    for shelving
  • Perfect for alcove renovations


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