Free ANSI Emergency Shower & Eye/Face Wash Site Survey

ANSI/ISEA Z358.1 requires annual safety fixture inspection

Are your safety fixtures...

  • Properly located and equipped with appropriate options?

  • Properly serviced and free of debris?

  • Providing compliant water temperature?

  • Meeting ANSI standards, including annual inspections?


It’s difficult to keep up with changing safety regulations especially when your employees are asked to do more with less. Bradley’s evaluation will assist your employees in meeting ANSI requirements for emergency shower & eyewash safety. If you are planning to expand, relocate or even downsize work processes, you will want to take advantage of our complimentary confidential evaluation:

  1. Our Safety Professionals act as a key supplemental resource to plant or multi-plant safety programs and processes.

  2. Walk-throughs include additional compliance suggestions on products and strategies to help employees recognize and correct potentially unsafe conditions.

  3. On-site, hands-on inspection and training with those responsible for workplace safety.

  4. Contains several components including customized checklists, reference materials, measuring tools and other resources as required.

  5. Your Bradley audit and separate training helps personnel respond appropriately in the event of an emergency and you’ll receive a comprehensive training guide to help manage your safety shower/eyewash installations during the year.

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